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Never Give Up

Business Development Manager


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General Information

  • Slogan Never Give Up
  • Locations  Ontario
  • Categories  Application Programming
  • Languages English and Khmer
  • Expected Job Level Top Management
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I have 12-years experience of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. I graduated Master in Development Management and Bachelor of Business Administration in Cambodia. I experienced with Online Business Directory, Water Industry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Distribution, Microfinance, Night Market and Business Center, Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Handicraft Workshop, Education & IPC Curriculum Development, Business Advisor, Marketing Professor, Sales & Marketing Manager, General Manager, Business Development Manager and Commercial Committee and Strategic Development (FASMEC).


Norton University Master in Development Management

The Master in Development Management (MDM) is a 24-month intensive, innovative, and practitioner-oriented program that gives students the skillset required to understand today’s key development problems, design evidence-based strategic solutions and manage the implementation of the programs that create and sustain social good with business efficiencies and equity in mind.

MDM combines coursework with field exposure, enabling students to bridge the gap between theory and practice through experiential learning.

Work Experience

Springfield International Academy Academic Manager

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and review IPC online with IPC supporter in the UK.
  • Develop a Khmer Curriculum that adapts to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, Cambodia.
  • Develop and review annual academic calendar and finalize with the school principal and CEO.
  • Work closely with School Principal and CEO to final IPC curriculum and Khmer curriculum.
  • Work collaboratively with Khmer Teacher and International Teacher to develop an effective assessment for IPC and Khmer Program.
  • Solve pupil’s problem and customer complain in term of academic side and marketing side.
  • Work closely with the ministry of education regarding the monthly school administrative report
  • Organize and plan PTM every final exam of the year
  • Daily customer solution with pupil and parent
  • Ensure school operation running smoothly regarding school bus, canteen service, healthy, safety, security, and clean.
  • Work with homeroom teacher, pre-school and primary school manager to perform a good TA’s task that aligned with the school operation.

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