Back End

Mac Athony
Programmer Analyst


  • Work with a variety of datastores including PostgreSQL, Redis and Memcache
  • Coordinate with local and remote teams to create the best implementation of the product
  • Identify, leverage, and successfully evangelize opportunities to improve engineering productivity
  • Executes against best practices and continue to push the engineering organization forward along technology innovation
  • Development of content indexing software tools based on Elasticsearch
  • Be a spark plug, bring energy, passion and creativity to work every day
  • Strong software development knowledge in different programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, etc

About Candidate

General Information

  • Address: Cầu Nhật Tân, Vĩnh Ngọc, Đông Anh, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Category: ***********
  • Location: United State
  • Language: ***********
  • Years of Experience: ***********
  • Expected Job Level: Entry
  • Job Position: Programmer Analyst
  • Highest Degree Level: High School Diploma
  • Slogan: Slogan
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Work Experience

12/2006 – 06/2011
Bouston, TX Back-end software engineer
I worked very hard for this job
08/2011 – 03/2014
Phoenix, AZBack end web & automation developer
If you really believe in what you're doing, work hard
07/2014 – now
Chicago, ILSenior software engineer, back-end
Never give up

Summary of Skills

Java, C++, C#
HTML, jQuery, PHP and MySQL,


VOV Awards (2010)
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