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The Essential Yoga Festival Survival Guide

16/01/2020 08:05 - 02/07/2020 09:00 Wallstraße 20, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

A four-day yoga festival on the horizon this summer? Prepare to harness your powers of positivity, physicality, and mindfulness, as you get ready for one of the most rewarding weekends of your life. Note: this reward will be challenging! Yoga festivals (while fun) aren’t necessarily easy. But with a little work in the lead-up and a proper care throughout the…

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

13/02/2021 07:00 - 22/03/2021 20:30 Vibelundvej 70, 5200 Odense, Denmark

During this workshop, you will learn techniques for teaching all major categories of restorative poses (inversions, back bends, forward bends and twists) for students with varying capabilities. You will also learn principles of teaching restorative poses and applications of these principles to help your students therapeutically. You will learn some specialized set-ups for teaching Savasana that will help your students…

A Yoga on High Foundation & Enso Tattoo Event

19/12/2019 14:00 - 21/12/2019 22:00 Sheshi Elbasan Arena, Elbasan, Albania

On November 17, Kevin Stress, Curt Everett and the ENSO team will get you inked! Incredibly excited to partner with Enso tattoo for the fourth year in a row as they open their doors exclusively for this event and will donate half of the proceeds to the Yoga on High Foundation! Here’s how it works: Yogis can choose their tattoo…

Sound and Yoga for Wellness

03/01/2020 08:00 - 04/01/2020 17:00 Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Join Asura and Emily for a multidimensional and nurturing evening of yoga and meditation with sound. Emily will guide you through a deeply relaxing restorative yoga practice while you experience Asura’s soothing vibrations of gong and singing bowls. This unique blend of movement, meditation and sound will help you open to higher levels of wellness and awareness. After 13 years…

The Yoga Expo 2016 Los Angeles

05/06/2016 10:00 - 05/06/2016 16:30 893 Santa Monica, LA, USA

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