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Fitness isn’t just about the goal – it’s a journey. So we’ve created a space for you to become the star you really are. With tons of fresh classes, A+ equipment and amazing StarMakers to cheer you on, we’ll get you looking – and feeling – sensational! Nothing tells our story better than the diverse backgrounds of our franchise owners. Our franchisees include doctors, lawyers, C-level executives, multi-brand entrepreneurs and even former NFL and NBA athletes. They all have one thing in common: they’ve chosen Eccoge Fitness to grow and expand their portfolios.Eccoge Fitness gyms provide a unique combination of an affordable, $19.99 per month membership with state-of-the-art fitness facilities that feature 35-65 pieces of cardio equipment with personal LCD television screens, three different types of circuit training equipment,Eccoge Blends Smoothie Bar, child sitting, tanning, hydromassage recovery lounges and pro shop. Add in personal and multiple group training options and Eccoge Fitness is way more than just your average gym, offering a one-stop shop fitting any fitness enthusiast’s budget.

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