Healthgenie Silicone Treadmil 550ml


Healthgenie Silicone Treadmil 550ml

  • Reduces friction between the belt and the rollers
  • Helps strain free running of motor /belt/rollers
  • Silicone lubricant is non sticky hence prevents frequent wear & tear of the treadmill
  • Ensures trouble free, smoother workouts
  • Low odour
  • In-Box Contents: Lubricant
  • Any other questions & complaints, Please call our customer care no. 011-48323232
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Healthgenie silicone treadmill belt lubricant is formulated for a wide range of modern treadmills. This lubricant extends the life of the treadmill belt and motor by offering a 100% multi-viscosity silicone formula that reduces friction and keeps the treadmill running smoothly. Instructions of Use: Lift the treadmill belt on the left side. Apply lubricant to the underside of the belt. Repeat on the right side of the belt


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