Welcare Motorized Treadmil


Welcare Motorized Treadmil

Treadmills have definitely become an integral part of our daily life and the main difficulty faced by us during choosing a treadmill is understanding whether it is great for the investment. This is the reason there is always a need for taking a look at the product features

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1-10km/h speed:

To make the treadmill apt for people of all needs, there is always a need for offering a huge speed range

1HP Motor:

This new treadmill has a great motor of 1HP which makes sure to carry all the exercise routine starting from standard to intense exercise with ease.

Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 43 × 12 in
LCD Features

Speed, Distance covered, Preset Program, Time and calories burnt


You can easily burn the extra calories and fat along with boost the cardiovascular health with this treadmill.


1 Year

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