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NOO Menu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin


NOO Menu is a revolutionary WordPress mega menu plugin that allows you to customize almost everything in a super interactive and intuitive admin interface.

  • 100% responsive and mobile ready: NOO Menu displays perfectly on all screen sizes and all devices.
  • Mega content: Text, image, link, video, widget, form, they can all be displayed in submenu.
  • ALL OPTIONS IN ONE PLACE: NOO Menu does not change your backend structure, nor will it add options to WordPress default menu configuration panel, instead, you can easily switch to NOO Menu builder by clicking ONE single button and find ALL options there: Menu Structure, Styling Options, Menu functionality , everything in one place. No more confusion. Just click and customize.
  • Mega Menu Toolbox: a flexible menu structure editor built in NOO Menu. It helps you to manage contents in submenu in a breeze.
  • Super Intuitive and Interactive User Interface: We designed the user interface with non tech-savvy users in our mind. We crave for creating the most user-friendly menu plugin ever. You might not even have to rely on our document, just select everything by clicking and dragging and see what changes!
  • Real-time preview in backend: You will see your changes taking effect immediately without clicking any Preview button or check your front end.
  • Ultra customizable: Menu height, Border, Box Shadow, Text Shadow, Corner Radius, Blur Distance, Background Gradient… and more for you to customize!
  • 9 Preset Styles and continue adding: We included 9 beautiful pre-made skins of various themes so you can use our menu right out of the box.
  • Unlimited Saved Styles: You created more than one gorgeous menu and want preserve all? Simply Save as Preset Style. NOO Menu allows you to have as many pre-made style as you want.
  • Unlimited Colors: Use any color variant for almost every menu element. You can either use flat color or gradient for your top menu and sub menu.
  • Sticky Menu: Scroll down to see how smoothly NOO Menu expands
  • Transparent option: Now you have one more option to make your menu creative and unique. A menu with just border, how does that sound?
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation: NOO Menu comes with 2 orientations for your use.
  • Multiple menus on one page: With NOO Menu, it is possible to have 2 menus with 2 different styles on the same page.
  • 12 column grid: NOO Menu supports up to 12 columns in submenu.
  • 350+ Font Awesome icons included.
  • Google fonts embedded: choose from 30 top popular Google fonts and continue adding. You can request your favourite font by contacting us.
  • Cross Browser Support: NOO Menu has been tested and works well on the following browsers:
    IE9+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 10+, Chrome 1+
  • Detailed Documentation: Our plugin comes with comprehensive document to guide you through the installation and configuration.
  • Whole-hearted support: We are a dedicated team who cares about our customers’ satisfaction. Feel free to reach us at

Quick Overview

Compatibility WordPress 4.5, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.9, 3.8, 3.7, 3.6, 3.5
Browser support IE10+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari
Current Version 1.4.0
Last update July, 8th 2016
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Video Tutorial: Getting Start

Video Tutorial: Menu Structure configuration

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