Yoga for Lower Back Pain and Optimal Back Health

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Introduction The lower back is a common area of pain and discomfort, especially as we get older. Lower back pain affects most of us at some point in our lives. Its prevalence is increasing, due to the growing need for desk jobs, longer work days, less down time, more stress and anxiety, more travel and improper nutrition. However, if you…

The Healing Power of the Chakras and Fiji’s Chakra Healing Series

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Before I begin, I’d like to remind everyone that my 7-Day Chakra Healing Challenge begins May 1st, 2018! To join, if you are a subscriber simply go to the 7-Day Chakra Healing Series and begin! If you are not, you are able to do Chakra One Flow and Chakra Two Flow only (you will need to subscribe to do Chakra Three Flow to Chakra Seven Flow). Also, we already have a community…

My Journey to Plus Size (Full Bodied) Yoga

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I’ve never taken a plus sized yoga class. I never felt the need to. I started practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2010, after I finally found a studio where I felt like I could be myself. They seemed happy to have me, and that made me feel great! Before this, I had tried yoga at a few gyms…

Yoga For Shoulder Strength and Stability

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The primary factor that determines shoulder strength, is in fact shoulder stability. So, just what is it that makes a shoulder stable or unstable? Instability in the shoulder occurs when the joint shifts in unintended ways (into stress positions) while under load. Shoulder stability comes from the control of the muscles of the shoulder joint, to selectively limit movement within…