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Yoga Nidra for Sleep: Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Rest

Hermosa 29/10/2019 0 comments 0

Yoga nidra not only improves the quality of your sleep, it can also help you feel happier, healthier, more relaxed and more energetic. CAN I FIT YOGA NIDRA INTO MY LIFE? Yoga nidra is a very straightforward practice, and can fit into even the busiest of schedules. (Looking at you moms with screaming kids!) Even if your work week is…

The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants For Women and Men

Hermosa 29/10/2019 0 comments 0

It’s a sad reality that 90% of all yoga pants/leggings sold in North America – and likely the world – are made from synthetic fibers. As is explored further in our article on the Environmental Impact of Yoga Clothes, conventional synthetic fibers take massive amounts of energy and chemicals to produce, and damage the environment during each phase of their lifecycle….

5 Life Hacks to Beat the Blues

Hermosa 28/04/2016 0 comments 8

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