Yoga For Tight Hamstrings

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Tight hamstrings are the bane of modern life! We sit at desks, drive in cars, and then sit down again in front of the television. All of this sitting flexes the knee, which contracts our hamstring muscles – the long muscles on the backs of the legs – into a shortened position. Over time, tight hamstring muscles can tug the…

Your Complete Guide to Healthy Backbends

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How do you do a backbend safely while fully experiencing all of its benefits?For many, backbend stretchesare an essential aspect of a yoga practice. They can feel amazing, opening your spine and heart, releasing deeply-held tension and invigorating your mind and body. However, backbends can easily be done incorrectly, putting unnecessary stress on the spine, particularly the lower back, and…

The Environmental Impact of Yoga Clothes

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Modern yogis spend an enormous amount of money on yoga clothing. 83 million items of yoga clothing are purchased every year in the U.S. alone. 90% of these itemsare made from synthetic fibers. The yoga industry is responsible for an enormous amount of plastic pollution, through its clothing, mats and packaging. This article focuses on yoga clothing. A 2016 study by Yoga…

Defining Pranyama – Breath and Prana

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