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An Absolute Beginners Guide to Yoga

Hermosa 29/10/2019 0 comments 0

The first time I tried yoga, I really didn’t like it. The simple act of sitting on the floor (rather than my very comfortable couch) was not a happy place for my body. I tried one or two classes and then I didn’t come back to it for 8 years.

If you are reading this, then chances are you are ready to dip a toe (or maybe even fling your whole body) in to some kind of yoga practice. You might be in physical or emotional pain and are perhaps looking for a healing place to land. You might be sick of you regular routine, and ready to give your body something different. Or maybe you have seen some of the crazy fun poses that can happen and are already picturing yourself walking to work on your hands. Nice!

As good as all of those reasons are, we often find even better reasons to prevent us from getting started. Things like “I’m not flexible”, “I don’t have fancy yoga clothes”, “I’m too old, stiff, heavy, clumsy, injured…” and the list goes on.

Let me tell you something. Every person who has ever stepped onto a mat has had some version of that story running through their head. Every. Single. One. They showed up anyway, and you can too.

You’re not flexible? Perfect! Yoga develops flexibility in even the stiffest of people, one breath at a time. You can even start your practice on a chair if that’s where you need to be.

No fancy yoga clothes? No problem! An expensive outfit will not enhance your practice, so grab some old sweats and a t-shirt or tank. Something you can move comfortably in. No need to be so busy picking out an outfit, that you forget to go to class.

Feeling like you don’t have the right body for the practice? This is a very common concern, but the thing you need to remember is that the practice is here to meet you wherever you are. You are not here to shove yourself in to shapes that your body does not want to be in. There is no wrong way to show up to yoga. So grab your water bottle, put on those old sweats and take your perfectly imperfect body to the mat. Come as you are and let the practice serve you.


Ready to get started? Here are some hot tips to make life a little easier:

1. Get yourself a mat: It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I am a fan of a color or design that makes me feel happy. Check out our yoga mat review called ’15 Best Yoga Mats – Find The One That’s Right For You’ for a wide variety of high quality, eco-friendly yoga mats. 

2. Designate a space: Somewhere in your home where you can set up and have enough space for you and your laptop (or whatever device you are watching).

3. Put your pets and your people in another room: It never fails that as soon as you are sitting and ready to go, every person in the house needs you for something, so allow yourself your own little sacred space and tell everyone to consider you out of the country for the next hour.

4. Add some ambience: Light a candle or have some tea ready for when you’re done. If you’re making tea…I take honey and milk please!

5. Make a plan: Already done for you, friends! Join my two week Yoga Program for Absolute Beginners for a peek into the world of a daily yoga practice done your way. It’s designed to support you as you discover the wonder that is yoga.

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